A special surprise!

This past weekend I got away 🙂  It was wonderful!  It was the second year in a row where I had the privilege of going away to Appleton (Green Bay) with some great girlfriends for an entire weekend.  We shopped, dined and relaxed.  Oh, and we laughed and laughed and laughed.  It was awesome.
As a result of this trip, however, I don’t have any new pictures or anything to report about the kids.  BUT, I am happy to announce that Jim surprised me when I got home by having upgraded our internet speed up to an even faster speed than we had before downgrading to the cheaper version, and it’s not really going to cost us much more.  Go Jim!  So, I have a bunch of old videos that I thought I’d load on here and you can take a gander if you’d like.  If you’re on facebook, you may have seen some of these before.  And then there are some new ones, too.  Enjoy!
This first video is pretty long, but it was one that I tried to upload multiple times because I just love the sound of the kids’ laughter.  And they love playing with Dad.  However, it also shows that if you play long enough, someone always gets hurt…

This video is cute, but also shows how much of a bully Lewis can be.  He’s gotten a lot better and sweeter in the last couple of weeks, though, citing that he’s “being good so Santa will move him from the ‘maybe’ list to the ‘nice’ list.”  This was back in October:

And here’s a video that WAS put up on facebook of the kids reciting their “Little Red Riding Hood” lines for Halloween.

This one isn’t that great, but it gives you an idea of how complex the kids’ play has become.  They often play together in pretend situations.  This one is of Cat being naughty and Lewis putting her in time-out.  They seem to really know how to do it!  You should have seen them before I got the camera out, though.  This second take was no where near as good as the first one!

This next one is a silly video that was also posted on facebook.  The kids made up some Thanksgiving songs, and here they are performing them:

This is a video mostly meant for Grammy:

And finally, one more just to show how special Catherine is:

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