Christmas in Gaylord

I hope you have a lot of time to read today’s post cuz it’s going to be long…
Last week at school the kids had their Christmas program.  We made sure to get them all dressed up for the occasion and they looked so cute.  Here they are standing in front of the tree before we left:

And here are a couple of pictures of them with the rest of their class, minus one.

They sure were cute, but I was hoping for a little more energy.  It seemed that everyone was on his/her best behavior, so nothing funny happened.  The week before I caught them practicing at the end of class and Lewis was very full of life while singing, so I was hoping for a repeat performance.  But that was not the case when it came to actually having all the parents standing around watching.  Still, they did great and I was so proud of them!

And here’s a clip of them performing the “Hungry Little Bunny” poem.  This is Cat’s favorite, and I think it’s easy to see why.  She kept us entertained all last weekend by reciting it over and over and over.  This clip is different than the one I posted on facebook and has all the kids in it, so enjoy!  Hopefully you can make out the words…
On Wednesday, it was time to leave for Gaylord to have Christmas with my side of the family.  We decided to rent a house again to meet somewhere in the middle so no one had to drive the whole way.  This year’s house wasn’t as nice as last year’s, but it was still nice to be somewhere neutral so no one had to do all the work!  Before we left, I snapped this pic of Linus who was enjoying the Christmas tree:

Here’s a picture of us on Thursday in Gaylord having fun with some Christmas headgear that Grammy brought along:

This house had ping-pong and Foosball tables out in the garage.  Lewis, Jim and I had a good time out there for a few hours over the weekend:

And they also had a hot tub out on the deck.  We went in there many, many times.  This picture was taken Thursday night when the weather had turned really nasty.  It was very windy and the snow was blowing everywhere.  We still had a good time 🙂

While shopping in Appleton a couple of weeks ago, I found this neat chia-pet type of Christmas tree that the kids and I made together.  We got to watch it grow in just a few hours!

Here’s the end product:

Lewis inspected it closely:
Then on Friday it was on to the water park again for more wet fun.  The kids were so brave this year!  Here’s a pic of Jim and Lew going down one of the big slides together:

And me and Lew:

Here’s a picture of the slides.  They only went down the dark purple one, but trust me – it was scary!

And after a few accompanied rides, the kids were brave enough to go on their own!  Here’s Cat:

And Lew always came down nicely and stayed sitting up, so there were lots of pics of him with smiles:

And here’s Grammy and the twins:

And another of Grammy with the kids working on a project together.  They made Christmas finger jello 🙂

And then finally on Saturday morning it was time to open presents!  When Lewis woke up he saw all the presents from at the top of the stairs and exclaimed: “I’m sooo excited to open all those presents and the stockings!  There are so many!” 

Thanks to Grammy and Grampy, the kids now have all kinds of gear for their new rooms that they’ll be moving into after the holidays:

Here’s Lew with his new winter Michigan hat:

And there was lots of fun stuff in Cat’s stocking:

Then it was dress up time (after a dip in the hot tub again).  Don’t they look nice in their Sunday best!?

Even Jim and I dressed up:

And so did Aunt Essie!

We played lots of fun games over the weekend:

And only tortured Lewis a little bit:

Grampy got in on the photo fun as well:

I really like this one!

I interviewed each of the kids mid-day Saturday about how their trip and presents were.  Here they are talking on film:

One of the gifts that Grammy and Grampy bought the kids was cross-country skis.  Here’s a video of them opening them up:
And here they are in our back yard earlier today trying them out!  They had a lot of fun:

Ski tracks:

And finally, one more video.  This is of the kids skiing.  We talked a lot about actually going up to the ski trails sometime soon.  Maybe this weekend!  It can’t come quickly enough!  Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Wow, I can't believe they can already stand on skis! What a difference just a year can make. They are getting so big! Oh, and I love Cat's dress.

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