Christmas in Lake Linden

Here we go again…

We start with photos of the kids enjoying their new skis at Swedetown (our favorite cross-country ski trails, also referred to as “Sweety-hill” by Cat).  The first day they went out the kids had a blast and were out there for an hour and a half!  It was fun for them, tough for Jim and me.  It’s so slow!!!  The skis don’t glide all that well, so the kids aren’t able to go down the hills very quickly, but this also allows for them to go UP the hills rather nicely.  And by the second time we went back (and they were on their skis for another hour!), Jim had figured out that he could hold the kids and ski down the hills backwards so they could glide much faster down the hills.  They sure do have a lot of fun together!  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of that act.  Here’s what I do have:

Dad had a good idea to bring the dog leashes that he uses for running and skijoring in order to tow the kids along, but it didn’t really work that well…

He also thought this would be fun, but then determined it was too “unsafe.”

Lewis was so excited for Santa to come he couldn’t really contain it.

How young is too young to learn to play Wii?

On Christmas Eve we headed over to our favorite neighbors’ house for some reverie and scrumptious food.  Here’s a pic of the kids’ table after some swimming:

That night Santa came and brought each of the kids a present.  He is only allowed to bring one in our house. This year, however, he found this great deal on a train table at the local goodwill store, so he brought one extra for the kids to share.  And he left this note attached to it:

The kids received a lot of gifts this Christmas for their new rooms (they’ll be going into separate rooms when the holidays are over).  Here they are opening up their exciting mattress pads!

Then Cat found the gift from Santa under the tree.  It was a Christmas Hello Kitty.  That’s what she asked for!

And Lewis received his color-changing Lightning McQueen:

The kids also got tap shoes so they can really start to learn to clog.  Usually you wear clogging shoes, but those are so darn expensive, and their feet grow so quickly!  Here they are trying them out on the dance floor in the basement:

The day after Christmas we had Jim’s brothers over to celebrate and cram more delicious food in our guts.  The kids dressed up:

The boy:

The girl:
Me too:
The girls:
Grandpa got in on the fun, too:
Dad decided that he and Grandpa would put the new bunk bed together yesterday.  So here’s one last pic of the twins with their joint room as it was (a mess):

And here are the men putting the new bed together: 

It’s done!  Let’s play on it!

Does he look proud and excited!?

The top is sooooo much fun!  I’m calling it right now: two broken arms this year!

Then it was time for more fun with cameras.  Here are all the boys, plus the twins, me, and Ilana:

Great Uncle Ron and Aunt Deb got all us Vendlinskis these neat t-shirts for Christmas.  We had to try them on and take a pic!  Thanks so much for the shirts, guys!  We love ’em!

And at the very end of the night, Cat was pooped, but ready for more pics.  She pulled this chair into the middle of the room, flopped down, and then demanded I take another photo of her.  Silly girl!

So glad Christmas is finally over!  I need to get back to healthy eating and my routine.  Too bad New Year’s is still to come! 😉  But, now that it’s all over, I can honestly say that Christmas is such a special time of year when you have little ones.  They find it so magical, and it’s fun to play into that.  The twins were so excited about Santa coming and all the family around and getting to open presents.  It was really neat.  And now they are coordinated enough to finally open those presents, too.  It was super fun and I’m looking forward to next year!

There were plenty of videos taken during this week, as well, but I thought the photos were enough for today.  If I can get my act together enough this week, perhaps I’ll post a video-Friday blog.  Stay tuned!  And Happy New Year!

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