Camping at Silver Lake

Whoa.  It’s been awhile, huh?  Sorry about that.  Things have been SUPER busy around here, and now I’m finding that I have to force myself to get this post cranked out here before we take off for another weekend of fun.  These kids have me running around!

I have tons of photos to share with you from our long weekend camping trip down at Silver Lake State Park.  It was such a fun adventure!  Silver Lake is a special place to Jim as his family would travel out that way multiple times during the summer when he was a kid, but even though I grew up only a little way from there, I can’t remember going even once!
Our campsite.  The trailer was a BIG help!  It still got a little tight, but we were able to bring Charlie along with us this time AND all four bikes.  Yippee! The campground was really crowded when we got there on Friday.  It took forever to wait in line to check in, and we couldn’t help but chuckle that we drove for so long to go to a place with more people and less nature.  One great thing – no mosquitoes! And there was also a great park that the kids couldn’t wait to try out:

Our first sunset was beautiful.  The kids and I rode our bikes over to the shore:

Secret sibling talk:

Camp food:

Camp chalk:

I was able to get away for a ten miler on Saturday morning and it was just beautiful!  I got to run past marinas, corn fields, cherry orchards, and vineyards all within the first three miles.  Stunning!

Time for some swimming in Silver Lake:

There was a marina over to the right:

And sand dunes straight ahead!

Another sunset!

Cat has been very artsy lately.  Here she is creating a paper copy of Lewis’ soccer ball:

Making s’mores: Let’s throw in some more sunset photos: The next day we headed out to the dunes for some adventure and a hike:

We went up the spot near where the buggies and cars ride up:

It was kind of hard getting up there…

But what a great view once we arrived:

It is so hard to capture the true magnitude and scope of these things.  The dunes were huge and went on for miles!

Lining up to race:

They were actually really far away:

There’s one area designated for vehicles, and one for people.  It was very safe.

The kids are climbing up there on the left of the group:

Yes, there were some “sandboarders.”

Fun in the sand:


This car was cool:

Come on, guys!

So fun!  And getting sunnier!

Running down was way more fun than climbing up…

Then it was time to hike somewhere around 1 1/2 miles out to the big lake – Lake Michigan.  No one really knows how long it is because it depends on the path you take, and there isn’t a good path through the dunes that is marked or anything.  So it came in handy to use the built in compass in my watch.  I believe it helped us stay straighter:

We came to one part where there was a big group of trees in between some dunes and basically a cliff in the sand leading down to them:

Jim liked this tree:


Time to jump off some dunes… or at least try in Cat’s case:

Dad showed us how to be really brave:

Lewis watched:

And then jumped from the same high spot:Finally some vegetation and a path to follow!

Some sand plants:

And the lake!

It was pretty windy, so the surface water blew in and the water was about as warm as the littler, inland Silver Lake.  Awesome!

Chuckie had fun 🙂

On our way back.  Starting to turn into a death march, but the kids did pretty well, actually:

See them down there?

A view of Silver Lake:

Oh boy – they are falling further behind…

Family pic:

Lewis found some treasures:

Blue skies and sunshine:

We did it!  Back at the campground, I snapped a couple more photos.  A previous camper left these for us:

Playing cornhole:

See any resemblance between the two?

So happy!

Getting more and more uptight…

The last morning, we headed out to the lighthouse for a family run.  Then we visited the house and read the signs:

It’s pretty big!

So pretty!Oh this guy.  We heart him. Grandpa joined us later that morning and we ventured into Pentwater for lunch.  Then, back at the campground, we had more time for games and relaxing: It’s important to shake hands and have good sportsmanship in four square:

So fun!  One more sunset:

One last fire.  See the sparklers we threw in there?

And then it was time for the long drive back home.  Charlie had had enough.  It was too much for him – all the fun, less sleep, noises, people, other dogs, and on and on and on.  He was very agitated and all worked up in the car, so Cat and I took turns riding with him back in the third row.  He finally calmed down and just laid down.  Cat has the magic touch 🙂

In other news…

I climbed up to the roof of the high school building.  It was windy:

Jim and Rich played in the Bridgefest tennis tournament:

We had a raccoon visitor up in our tree in the back yard:

Lewis took a turn on a light bulb powering bike:

Our lovely neighbor had the kids over to make stepping stone tiles for the garden:

The kids went to science camp and one day worked with partners to make sculptures.  Here’s Lewis’:

And Cat’s:

We are harvesting!

Lewis, Cat, and I went to a protest/awareness event down at the park this week about how important it is to keep our great lakes clean and to research them.  It’s so sad how this is even an issue that needs to be fought for right now.

The organizer of the event opened up the mic to anyone who wanted to come up and talk in front of the crowd, and of course Lewis jumped right up there.  He spoke about how he wants the beaches to be clean because he likes swimming in them and that we need to keep them clean.  He did a great job!  Here’s a link to a news story about it.  You don’t get to hear Lewis’ talk, but you do get to see him up in front with the mic: story

And that’s it!  Phew!  Thanks for reading!!


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  1. ❤️ the photos – esp of the kids and family with blurred background. And, of course, of Jim with a flower in his ear 🙂

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