July 19

As predicted, summer is flying by!  Another couple of weeks has passed and I have a ton more photos to share with you now.  First, some beach photos.  It took a while for temps to heat up around here, but they finally have arrived (some days) and we have enjoyed hitting the lakes.  Here are some photos from Misery Bay on the 4th of July:

It was such a beautiful day!  The big lake was very calm and actually quite warm.  There were no flies, and very few people.  Perfect!

The kids spent some time searching for and trying to catch minnows in the river:

And then we spent a long while building this sand fortress:

A neat view:

A beach flower:

A hunk:

A cutie:

So much fun!

Another event that’s happened in the last couple of weeks was our annual Run the Keweenaw weekend up in Copper Harbor.  Jim decided to run all three races again this year, even though he’s suffering from a calf injury.  Not to worry, though – I watched a youtube video and figured out how to tape his calf with kiniseo tape.  Now I’m a certified medical expert!  😉

Here’s Jim during the first race.  The kids, Christine, the McDonalds, and I all hiked up to the creek to watch the runners get their feet wet.  Good times!

Sometime around the second race (I ran in that one, too, so no photos):

Prior to the kids race:

And they’re off!  (Some photos courtesy of G):

The home stretch:

Oh that smile!

I love her hair here!

Good job, kids!

And here’s Jim during his last race on Sunday morning.  Looks like he’s hurting a little…

But he had a strong finish with Lewis helping him up the shoot.  Jim ran a great race this year, finishing first in his age group for all three races and just over 10th overall in the series.  Good job, Jim!

While the last race was happening on Sunday morning, the kids and I went for a bike ride down the Fort Wilkins trail.  Lake Fanny Hooe was so calm and there was fog coming up from parts.  Just look at this reflection!

Lewis, Cat, and Ceci:

A fun panoramic of a Lake Superior Bay:

All the kids in front of our cabin:

Silly faces:Last week Thursday, the kids, Grandpa and I took a tour/cruise on the Ranger up the portage.  

It was pretty fun, but reeeeaaaaally cold!  I can’t believe how hot it was the day before and how it was only low-50s and rainy on the day we had scheduled.  We still had a lot of fun, though, cruising the waterway:

Grandpa was excited to see the boat turn.  He’s been wondering how it’s capable of docking so fast every time:

Bye, bye bridge:

A closer view of the opposite shore.  There’s an old, big, white boat grounded:

The view of the ranger from the front of the ship:Having fun (or not having fun) posing for photos:

Hmmm… what’s over there?

It took quite a while to get there, but we were able to make it all the way out to the White City beach.  Here’s an old lighthouse keeper’s abode we always see from the road.  Neat to see it from this side:

And the beach.  It doesn’t look very inviting in this photo:

The lighthouse:

Finally out to Lake Superior.  The waves picked up a bit out on the big lake and we got to experience what it would be like to ride the Ranger to Isle Royale (what it’s usually used for).  When we went out to the island last summer, we took the Queen from Copper Harbor, which is a much smaller vessel and we were grateful that the waves weren’t very big on our trips.  I could see that the Ranger would be a much more comfortable ride, although it takes quite a bit longer.

Thanks for the photos, G!

These two were being so goofy.  The whole cruise was just over 3 hours long, so they may have gotten a little bored:Time for snacks down below:

The whole crew:

Other interesting sites – we saw a bald eagle perched atop a dead tree near the guard’s house.  It looked so fake!

We also saw the other side of the Great Lakes Research Center.  It’s such a neat building!

We tried to spot Jim at his office building along the way (he even came out and waved to us), but it turns out the building is much farther from the water than we thought.  Here’s a pic of us at the end before we disembarked:

And on the walk home, we stopped for one more pic in front of this tall grass.  Such a fun trip!

Last weekend was Canal Run.  They had an expo for the first time ever and asked the Keweenaw Running group if we’d like to be a part of it.  We figured we’d need a banner, so we had everyone over after group on Wednesday and worked on it.  The kids helped finish it the next day:

The final product:

 Lewis decided this would be his first year running the real Canal Run.  We signed him up for the five mile and went on a couple of training runs prior to the race.  Here we are getting his number on in the bus:

Taking pre-race photos helped us pass the time.  Here are Christine and Lewis:

And me and the boy:

Lewis took a photo of my game face:

Lewis’ game face?

We started off great!  The course starts down quite a hill on a dirt road.  The only problem- we forgot to tie Lewis’ shoes properly before we started.  So within the first 1/4 mile, we had to stop and tie them.  Otherwise, the race went off without a hitch.  He didn’t stop at all to walk, and ran way faster than any of the training runs.  Here we are nearing the end running up all the hills in the sun and heat:

He’s still smiling!  Lewis loves to talk about Minecraft while we run.  He says it helps to take his mind off running, and it’s funny how he runs faster while he’s talking.  Here’s a photo from the end:

Holding his official timing slip.  Lewis finished right in the middle of his age group.  Considering there were 12 year olds also running in his division, I’d say that’s pretty spectacular!

Jim also did great, finishing first in his age group.  He’s been a little more serious about training this year, and it’s paying off.  It also helps that his wife is a medical expert and could tape his calf again 😉

Just to show off, Lewis had to run the kids’ dash, too:

As did Cat:

A whole family of runners!In other news around the house, the peonies bloomed and I had fun arranging them in bouquets.  They were so vibrant this year!

I have found that the piano makes a lovely backdrop:

The peonies are done, but there are still more flowers in the yard:

And we’ve been harvesting from the garden.  There are five different types of greens in this photo:

Lewis decided the front entryway rug was a great place to drop everything and read:

Cat has been at art camp all week, so Lewis and I headed out to pick strawberries yesterday – just the two of us.  We picked about 23 pounds in just over an hour:

Yum!  There were plenty for strawberry/banana smoothies for a snack!

And that’s it for this post.  Thanks for reading!

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