Hello!  This week on the blog: lots of soccer pics!  The kids FINALLY got their jerseys (have I mentioned how unorganized the league is this year?!), so I had my first opportunity to get out and snag some photos last Saturday.  I suppose the jerseys were worth the wait- our team got the meanest and leanest ones!  First, some quick photos at home to make wallets:

Tip: always put Lewis on the up-side of the hill.  Then they look about the same height!

Time for tricks:

And then it was time for the game.  Bear with me here – there are quite a few!  Here’s the team getting ready and picking a team name.  They decided on THE BLACK WIDOWS!  Pretty mean sounding, right?!

Checking for shin guards, no toe cleats, earrings, etc, and going over the rules:

Somebody’s excited to get started:

Someone else is sitting out the first period with the coach:

Going over the game plan.  That hand movement is so quintessential Jim:

Time to play offense.  “Hey- look at this nifty shirt.”

Somebody else is not excited about playing defense:

Here we go!  Go get ’em, Lewis!

Cat is GREAT at throw-ins.  The best on the team!

She’s also really quick, so it’s tough to get a good shot of her!

Here’s Cat’s best defensive play of the game.  The other player got in the way, but she kicked that ball hard and got it out of their territory!

Cool move by Lewis:

And then there’s this.  What is this?!  How is he making his body do that?  We tried to re-create it at home, and it’s impossible.  Go ahead – you try it!

Cat’s ready to body-check #9.  Just kidding.  She would never do that!

There’s Lewis leading the pack on a break away.  Only one man to beat (and he happens to be their best player):

There he goes!  He’s getting by!

Shoot it, Lewis!  Use your left foot!

Nope, too hard and now you’re going out of range…

Ugh.  You let him catch up to you!

‘Atta boy – knock him down!  Just kidding.  Lewis didn’t do it.  The kid just fell.

Lewis is pretty good at throw-ins, too!

Go Cat!

Coach says, “Here, Cat.  You do the throw-in.”

Oops. This is one of my favorite shots.  Lewis is twinning with his opponent.

Cat – go get that ball!Almost a shot on goal!

Lewis will try:

Nope, not this time, buddy.

Okay, how about now?  You just have to beat #3:

He did it!  Now get past #5!

He shoots…


Scores!!!!  G   O   A   L   !!!!!!!!  (Isn’t that what they do in soccer?  They yell “goal” for as long as they can, right?  Weird.)

He’s so happy 🙂

Cat’s not afraid to go after the ball:

And the end – “Good game.  Good game.  Good game…”

Even the coach does it.  He has to bend down a little, though:


Black Widows!!!!

And now run because the balls are going to come back down on your heads!  Ha ha ha!

In other events, I took the kids’ school photos this weekend.  I started doing this a few years ago and haven’t looked back.  I think they turned out great this year!

The kids are looking so grown up!  I have tweens now 🙁

Jim and I have been running.  A lot.  Like, a lot, a lot.  We did our longest training run of the plan this past weekend.  It felt great!  After, though, I’m hurting.  I’m going to take it easy this week.  My foot is really concerning me.  Hoping it’s not plantar fascitis again!  Anyway, here’s a garmin shot of our run.  In case you’re wondering (and because it doesn’t show up on this screen) 22 miles is over 38,000 steps for me.

Look what’s coming!!!  We’ve never gotten sunflowers to grow before!!!

And, finally, I had a second harvest of rhubarb this summer, so I finally picked it yesterday and made up a dessert with what I had in the house.  Blackberry/rhubarb crisp is a thing, right?!

It is now!  It was sooooo good!  I may have to try to do this every year!

Thanks for reading!!

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