October 2

Hello all you beautiful people, you!  Have you been enjoying these lovely fall days as much as we have?!  This past weekend we went on a hike up Mt. Baldy up in Eagle Harbor.  It was soooo beautiful outside!  The fall colors (which were promised to be early this year) have still not popped, but we thoroughly enjoyed our hike up the mountain anyway, as well as the views at the top.  Here’s a pic of Jim, the kids, and our good friend, Darcy, hiking up the path in one of the more wooded sections:

Once we made it to the summit, the 360 degree views were gorgeous!

There’s some color:

A pretty flower growing out of the rocks:

The sky and the lakes were so blue!

A selfie:

Hahaha!  Lewis didn’t know I was giving him bunny ears! 😉

I love this pic that Darcy took!  I can’t believe how BIG the kids are getting!  I fear they will be taller than me in no time 🙁

Pretty ladies!

I love this one of Darcy looking out.  It helps with perspective:

Poor quality here, but that’s Isle Royale out there along the horizon!   !

In other news, we worked on developing our Halloween costumes yesterday afternoon.  This year for the Muck Run, the running group is going to become Super Heroes!  We are making up our own, and Cat is so in love with her idea, that she’s decided this will be her main Halloween costume as well.  Here’s a drawing I made after she made one and we discussed it:

Here’s Cat’s original costume idea:

And Lewis’ original:

And the revamped version.  It will be interesting to see how closely the real costumes end up resembling the drawings…

And mine:

And Jim’s:

Speaking of running, we’ve still been doing a lot of it lately.  Actually, that’s maybe not so true.  We had our last “long” run this past Saturday – only 14 miles!  ONLY!  This weekend we’ll do 10, and then the marathon will be the following weekend!  It really snuck up on us.  So here’s a pic from running group this past Wednesday because I had my phone there for the first time in weeks and actually took a photo.  You can see the colors are just starting to turn on the trails:

Jim and I are very excited about doing the marathon.  I think we’re both in good places mentally and physically.  Of course it’ll be tough, but we’re going in with good attitudes and are really looking forward to the weekend.  We’ll get to hang out with and celebrate with family and friends and we’re making it a little mini-vacation.  So fun!  While the trip will be fun, we’re also ready to be done with training.  Even yesterday after a 14 miler (quite short compared to a 22 miler, right?!), we just crashed all day after on the couch and didn’t do much with the kids.  We’re starting to feel like pretty bad parents.  It’ll be nice when it’s all done and we can be busy again on Sundays.  Do you think the kids have minded that we’ve just sort of checked out and left them to play their electronic devices all day after our long runs?!  Those poor things!  😉

The garden is still going strong.  We’ve had some colder nights, so it’s slowing down quite a bit, but we’re still getting tomatoes.  Leave it to Cat to make art out of the produce:

Airbnb is doing great at the moment, too!  We’ve been very busy the last couple of weeks and have a lot of bookings for the next week.  We learned that we booked about 50% of the days in September!  As for future bookings, there are lots of people coming up for the colors, I think.  Let’s hope they are not disappointed!  Here’s a terrible photo of Charlie hanging out with another furry guest we had:

And this past weekend, we had this really awesome lady from Marquette who brought Charlie a present!  How sweet!

We are so excited about the new sushi restaurant opening downtown.  Lewis and I walked down for the “soft” opening on Friday, hoping to get some take-out, and waited in line (which was out to the sidewalk) for about ten minutes before learning that they weren’t actually accommodating any take-out orders.  I think they may have been completely overwhelmed!  So we’ll wait patiently and totally stuff ourselves someday soon when they’re open for real.

Okay, that’ll do it for this week.  Have a great one!  And GO BLUE this weekend!!!

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