October 9

Hello!  And welcome to this week’s blog post!  There isn’t too much to report today, but I thought I’d better write something as I won’t be posting anything next week (it’s marathon weekend, remember!?!).  Shall we get started?  Great!

Here’s a terrible selfie I took to send to Jim this week while he was away on a work trip.  I’ve been busy painting and redecorating Cat’s room.  I’ll bet this room hasn’t been updated in at least 30 years.  The paint is actually chipping off in places because it’s been so dried out:
We’re still going strong with soccer!  We started the playoffs this week and the sunset was absolutely beautiful out there at the Hurontown fields:

It did get dark, though, didn’t it?!  We also played on Saturday because we won that game last week.  It was raining this time, but that didn’t stop the kids.  Lewis scored FOUR goals in this one game!  We won 10-1 and will play again tomorrow (Tuesday) night.  We also learned that the team to beat has fallen (thanks to hockey pulling away some of it’s best players), so now I’m thinking that we’ve become the team to beat.  Here’s a pic from Saturday.  It’s starting to get cold out there, too:

We finally made it to the new sushi place on Sunday for lunch.  It was beautiful:

And also tasted really great:

They had some interesting rolls:

And Lewis loved his nagiri:

BUT, I’m sorry to report that I was disappointed overall.  I’m not going to hold back – the service was terrible.  And the prices are too high.  They are also not knowledgeable enough about allergies (in our case, gluten), and instead of figuring it out properly, they are content to just tell customers that nothing is gluten-free.  I call that a bad attitude.  So I’m not sure how often we’ll be eating there 🙁

After sushi, we came home and worked on Halloween costumes.  We need them for this coming weekend.  Here’s Lewis’ shirt and mask for his Minecraft Man costume:

And he and Jim made this TNT block.  So neat!

Cat had fun working on her Amazing Art Girl shirt:


And palette:

We have grown spaghetti squash in the garden for the first time this year.  And we’ve gotten, like, SIX of them!  Here’s the first one harvested:

Mmmmmm… doesn’t that look good?!


It’s fall here now.  The colors are changing and we’ve had a lot of Airbnb guests coming just to look at the fall colors.  I’m in love with this pic I snapped yesterday of this fallen, wet leaf:

There’s been a lot of fog on the canal in the mornings lately.  So neat!

And one more – we made s’mores last night to cap off our campfire dinner.  Yum!

Ok!  Have a great week and wish us luck on the marathon!

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