November 21

Hello there!  We’ve been laying low around here and not doing too much exciting stuff.  So I skipped last week, and now I have to catch up this week.  Let’s get started!

 The Houghton basketball coaches ran their fall camp again this year, and this time around Cat decided to participate as well.  I’ll admit that I had my reservations about her playing as it seems like basketball is a bit of an assertive sport, and we all know how kind Cat is.  But she did great!  The last two weeks of the camp parents are allowed to come watch while the kids play games.  Here’s Cat going up for a basket during one of the warm-up games:

And running back down the court during an actual game:

Skipping (?) down the court this time:

She likes taking it out:

Hmmm…. where does she get that bad habit from?!

Crazy wrist action!

She’s not big into dribbling, but she’s not bad!  We’ll work on those skills during the winter and see if she’ll feel more confident next year:

One more – Cat is a decent shooter.  It was fun to watch 🙂

And Lewis was a maniac.  He has no qualms about dribbling:

He’s become a better passer this year, too:

Playing defense:

Not shy about dribbling into traffic:

Taking a shot:

Where does that foot follow-through come from?!

It’s going in!

We had so much fun watching them.  These kids seriously make us proud every.  single.  day!

In other randomness around the house, here’s a photo of Cat.  She’s drinking tea.  And she’s growing up too quickly!

We’ve had some strange weather this November.  There were 70 degree days in October, and then BOOM!  Winter was here.  Now we just keep going back and forth between blizzards and nothing, with temps never higher than 35 degrees.  Is it ski season or what?!

Here’s a pic I took of my first frozen eye lashes of the winter.  Not my best, but they’re not too bad, either!

We finally finished up the last of the tomatoes yesterday.  I’m so sad – I’m going to miss them 🙁

Since the weather turned colder, we’ve been spending a little more time thinking about and preparing food.  I decided that I don’t use my bread-maker enough, and so I tried using regular gluten-free flour in it to make a loaf of bread.  Did you know that there’s a big difference between regular flour and bread flour?  It turns out there is!  Using the regular flour resulted in this crazy loaf (if you can call it that) made up of much smaller, round pieces of bread somewhat stuck together.  It was crazy!  It still tasted good, but it was rather hard to eat, at least hard if you were trying to eat it like bread with butter or jam on it.  Because it reminded us of “Dippin’ Dots,” we called it The Bread of the Future. 😉

So then I went out and got us some actual gluten-free bread mix and tried that instead.  It’s Pamela’s brand and turned out so well!  I’m looking forward to making another loaf for Thanksgiving and possibly sprucing it up a bit.  Yum!

We had dinner at Christine and Stephen’s house last Friday night and Christine prepared this delicious dish for us all.  It’s Swedish meatballs served with roasted veggies over polenta.  Then we topped it with gorgonzola crumbles and balsamic drizzle.  SO GOOD!!!

After, Jim cooked up some more Bananas Foster for everyone.  Lewis captured the super awesome, really good flames this time:

This last Sunday the kids talked us into making pierogies.  They played outside while Jim and I did all the work.  That way we got it done quicker 😉

They were delicious!  And we we served them with a side of sauteed bok choy and beet stems and greens:

We also cooked up some chicken in the crock-pot all day and called it a meal.  It was delicious!

I’ve been working on redecorating Lewis’ room this week.  It’s now been all painted and we have new linens on the beds.  I’m waiting a little longer to hang things on the walls (for the paint to dry thoroughly) and then I’ll show you before and after photos.  I can tell you for now, though, that Lewis LOVES it!  He came home yesterday and immediately ran up there to see the blankets (which he knew I was putting on the bed while he was at school).  He and Cat decided it reminded them of a pirate ship, so after their snack they played pirates in the new room for a while.  I love that they are still imaginative enough to play games like that!  Although the games have evolved a bit… they started by talking for about a half hour trying to decide what their pirate names should be and what to call their ship.  Then they came down and drew a sign for the ship and that basically took up their whole playing time.  They were bored after that.  Want to know which names they chose?  Pirate Katrina and Pirate Harvey.  And they named their ship the Hurricane!  And, yes, the room is now very, very blue as the picture shows:

Charlie is still going strong.  Here’s a pic of us from last Friday morning when we ran ten miles.  The weather was awful, and I was grateful to have my trusty sidekick along to keep me company 🙂

It snowed waaaaaaay more than it was supposed to on Friday night.  When we got home, I was fortunate enough to look up and notice how pretty the trees were, even in the dark:

Cat’s class partnered with a kindergarten class to put on a little show at the Bluff’s Senior Community yesterday.  She’s in the back row near the right end:

This little skit involved the kids reading off things starting with the letter they were holding.  It was the only time Cat had a solo part:

She did great!

And I thought these turkey masks were super cute.  She’s in the back near the left with her head turned this way:

I’d never been up in that building.  The view is gorgeous!

And I guess that’s it for us this week.  Do you have big Thanksgiving Day plans?  We’ll be sticking around and hanging out with friends this year.  Let us know if you’re in town and maybe we can play together for a bit.  Enjoy the holiday!!

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