January 30

Hi everyone!  I’m going to try to make this short and sweet today, although I know it probably won’t be that short.  It will be sweet, though!

This past week we spent a lot of time with Lolo, the newest canine member of our pack.  I showed a photo last week of her being cradled in Christine’s (Mom’s) arms, but this week the kids got to meet her and I got to PUPPY-SIT!  How great is that?!

Here we are at Lolo’s house one day last week:

Cat has been asking for a puppy, so she’s pretty happy to be holding and playing with little Lolo:

Lewis is a bit more timid around dogs.  I think it dates back to when Maggie played a little too roughly with him one time.  That kid never forgets!

So here’s a shot from the day I puppy-sat.  She’s so cute!

And she curled right up on my lap while I did some computering:

I got the good camera out and took some photos while out pottying:

And then when she got sleepy, we really went to town:

Pretty silly, but I treated it like a little newborn shoot.  I think that might be what I miss most about having a photography business.  I LOVED the baby shoots!

A little chipmunk:

Yes, I did this.

One of my favorite parts of the day was watching Lolo interact with Charlie.  Or, rather, it was fun to watch his reaction to her.  

She kept creeping closer and he wasn’t sure about it:

She tried to play with him a few times:

And eventually wore him down.  I love seeing the Grandpa with the newborn:

And just look at those little shark teeth!

Ok, one more.  This is from this past weekend.  Lolo has gotten so much bigger already!

I told you it’d be sweet, didn’t I?!

Jim’s birthday was officially on Sunday.  Here’s a pic of the finished word board.  That number inside the box is not a ten, it’s a zero with a bunch of exclamation points surrounding it.  !

The kids made cards and gifts:

Both gifts were Michigan State related and Jim brought them into work.  Tough time to be a Spartan right now, though, eh?

Cool candles on the delicious birthday cheesecake:

He did it!

It was soooooo good!

Let’s see…. what else?!  Big news – Grandpa is moving in for a while!  So we thought we’d spruce up his room for him.  Here’s a before shot (I know, not that great.  I was in a hurry!):

And here’s a pic of Cat who insisted on helping:

I’ll have to show you the “after” photo when it’s done.  We just started on Friday and I need one more day to finish the painting.  We’re also waiting on an ordered curtain.

Cat and I attended a fun event on Saturday afternoon.  There is a woman here who is putting together an exhibition to send down to Detroit to join a larger display of clay figures.  The theme is taken from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  We had a lot of fun etching into some clay orbs and then putting a little paint on them.  We’re going to head back to the library next week to help make a canvas for the clay figures to be displayed upon:

Mine’s on the left, Cat’s is the right.  I love hers!  I started out trying to make mine wide like hers and just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t figure out the arms and legs.  Cat did such a great job!

Here’s a photo of me and Chuck from last Friday.  I can’t believe this dog is 13 years old and still running as much as he is.  Last week he ran over 22 miles, and that doesn’t count the ski miles he put in.  Crazy!

And, finally, some more eyelash art.  It got cold again:

Thanks for reading!

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